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Quick, easy and high impact

Banners… an advertising tool as old as advertising itself. Although in today’s world old advertising channels like posters, banners and billboards have taken a step back to online digital marketing, they still have a place in modern advertising.

Different kinds of banners offer different advantages and target different groups of people. Pull-up banners are one of the quite effective tools for advertising your brand but they are most efficient in the right place and the right time.

There is no use in putting them in a store or in front of your office because there are more efficient ways of advertising for these kinds of purposes.

These types of banners give you the opportunity to get levels up on your competitors, creatively designed banners coupled with powerful messaging is exactly how your banner will stand out from the rest.

The use of bright colours, clean simplistic artwork will capture your audience and draw them to your brand — a tried and tested marketing tool.

These banners are the sexier, simply and more effective alternative to its lesser counterparts — roll up and pop-up banners and we highly recommend them for events and conferences.

Our high-quality pull-up banner printing process comprises of superior weather-proof latex ink that is brilliantly printed to thick, hardy, crease-proof vinyl sheets.

Ensuring that your stand up banner will inspire a standing ovation, and hopefully have your customers stampeding to your stand.

The built-in retractable roller mechanism safeguards against any unsightly creases, while the weighted based anchors down your pull-up banner.

The outstanding design in combination with the high-quality workmanship is surely to deliver unprecedented results and present your brand in the highest possible light in front of your potential clients.

Main features

Size: 85x200cm
Paper/Material: PVC – Roll Up
Stand: Exclusive

Choose the pull-up banners printing services of WebPrinter.co.za

When in need of printing services, there is only one place where you will be truly understood and your interests will be heard — and that is WebPrinter.co.za.

As a sector-leading printing company our business model ensures that we can deliver top notch results to every client that turns to our services.

Banner advertising is a very specific task and choosing the right company for the job of printing effective and affecting pull-up banners is half of the whole work.

If you’re reading this than you probably landed on our page with very specific requirements. Or maybe you just found exactly what you’re looking for based on our description.

Either way you’re here because you’re in need of a company that can fulfill your requirements and deliver a product that is outstanding and effective in presenting your brand message.

WebPrinter’s main goal as an online printing company is to deliver the products that the client desires. But in most cases that will not be enough.

There are many companies that try to tell you what is good for your business. There are other companies that strictly follow the client’s wishes without using their own expertise.

In WebPrinter.co.za we believe that good communication with the client is a must, but also know that we are the experts in terms of printing so our own approach and know-how is the leading force when executing projects.

The final result is a combination of the client’s ideas and wishes on one hand and our vision, expertise, high quality materials and determination for success on the other. A truly winning combo!

What are you waiting for? Increase your business credibility and effectively market your business with an expertly crafted multi-purpose pull-up banner from Webprinter today. We deliver to all major cities in South Africa for free!

Additional information


850mm x 2000mm

Print Run

50, 250, 500, 1000

Paper Type

Budget 130 GSM, Standard 170GSM

Add Design

Add Design For £45, No Thanks


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